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We  teach the foundations of a healthy vocal technique, as it is important for a singer to understand how to take care of their voice so they can demonstrate their ability to the fullest capacity.

Our main focus is helping students to develop a signature sound of their own.We provide lessons in both western classical and contemporary music.

Exams are offered in ABRSM,Rockschool & Trinity


The piano department attempts to deal with each student's individual wants and needs. Beginning with emphasis on well-grounded basic technical proficiency, we offer instruction and encourage participation in a wide range of musical styles.


We encompass everything from traditional classical literature to the most contemporary jazz, rock & pop.

We offer you professional faculty who specialize in each discipline, course work specifically designed to enhance your abilities, and abundant playing opportunities.


The drum department focuses on teaching skills and techniques that enables a student to play different styles and genres of music.


Developing an understanding of rhythms, rudiments and groove that enhances the ability to perform on the drum kit with ease.


Exams are offered in both Rockschool and Trinity board of music


The guitar department instills skills in both reading and playing techniques


The students are exposed to various guitar forms that helps them discover various genres of music and their corresponding playing styles.

The institutes offers courses in classical,acoustic and electric guitar with exams being offered in ABRSM, Rockschool and Trinity 

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